The fountain by Duchamp

 During the lesson we have been ask to think about concept. Duchamp has open the door to conceptual art, using already made item in art and selling the idea as art. These ideas are particular to the Dada movement. I believe we could say that his most influential and controversial piece is the “Fountain”, which has been bought by the Tate at an amazing price of £621600.00. I am sure that if there is a life after death, Duchamp is having a good laugh at it…


 Now a day Art has been heavily influenced by Dada and Fluxus movements, using representation of personal usage of new media to conceive new idea. There are no more boundaries; I feel we can say: “all art is experimental”

The Artist is free to express any thoughts, ideas, concept through whatever means possible. Concept can relate to personal, emotional state (following the path of Freud or else). It can be associated as well, to history of art, politics…anything really…even jokes…

or anti-art statement.

But in my case, I always think visually, and I found it sometimes difficult to think of a deep concept. I mainly create in my sleep, and wake up with a visual or musical piece.


“Art is the record of event of what happen”

Today I heard this sentence, It is so evident, that I do not feel the need to argue, or explain.



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