Timeless Universe by Paul Friedlander

Mixing Mythology, Science and Art. 

This installation is made of 15 Kinetic pieces, illuminated by video projectors that are showing images generated by three computers. These videos are real-time animation, modified by the subject matter.

 “Timeless Universe”<p> by Paul Friedlander

When you look at the project’s gallery, you see another world…a dream world, full of striking light and the most amazing thing is, you could see it for real, it is no an illusion…

. but a great visual entertainment.

I have to say, that I have a big interest on video installation, especially when sculptures are used to create a real 3D effect. And this one is a pure wonder for my eyes and imagination


Few month ago I did a project mixing 2d, 3d projected partly on a real sculpture. I enjoyed the all experience and experimentation. The result looked better than what I thought it would. It is defenetly a field I will experiment further in a futur

 “Le Voyage”

“Le Voyage” by Sandrine Labat

“Le Voyage” by Sandrine Labat

 The next step would be to add an interaction to this kind of Video Installation



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