During the workshop we have been introduce to some sound environment installation.

Within the realm of public art, the sound installation can be a musical equivalent of a sculpture, or and can be part of a sculpture.. Some sound installations have gained by applying a variety of electroacoustic techniques and technology in their creation and spatial arrangement. 


In this installation the visitors lie down and relax, watching the firmament above them. Using their finger pointed upwards, the visitor can insert new stars into orbit with distinctive visual and musical characteristics.

The sound will be determined by the  emplacement chosen on the orbit, Bigger you let the star grows louder it plays.


 “The orbiter is an interactive sound environment by Vera-Maria Glahn and Marcus Wendt. It invites you to reach for the stars and play their music!”

The installation is based on custom-built software , performing real-time analysis of a camera image of the player as well as generating 6-channel-audio and video signals. The video analysis is coded in C++, instructing SuperCollider for the audio generation, Processing for the graphics.

The synthesized sound used in this installation has a very heavy 70’s influences. Quite psychedelic in a way……






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