Usman Haque

This artist is in fact a architect who does focus is research on interaction, connectivity, contextual awareness. These kind of technologies modify our understanding of space and change the way we relate to each other. He does not think of architecture as static and irreversible entity; instead he sees it as dynamic, responsive and conversant.

Two years ago I had the chance to see one of the project he worked on with Robert Davis:


 Evolving Sonic Environment

The installation is based t the collective behaviors of the devices, being affected by the way that the room is occupied (by people or other mobile objects) and, consequently the room will develop a “awareness” of its occupancy.

The devices work like neurons, cascading during high activity, altering their verges during periods of low activity and becoming. Inputs and outputs consist of high frequency sound near the threshold of human hearing. When they have received sufficient input energy they themselves “implose”, with a continuous sound of varying frequency.

When the visitor enter in this space, it can feel slightly dizzy because of the high frequency. I personally did not feel anything, but some schoolmate felt slightly strange……….

Evolving Sonic Environement

I found this paper on The Hague website, which I think could be very interesting for some of us, who has the aim to create an interactive installation.

This paper describes the results of a collaborative research project to develop a suite of low-tech sensors that might be useful for artists working with interactive Environments.



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