Bloomberg Newcontempories2007

Today we went to see the Bloomberg Newcontemporaries2007 exhibition.  Well known to introduce young and emerging artists to a national audience and provides the participants to develop a professional opportunity into the future. It was hard to believe that all of those piece has been chosen by artist , writers and critics. I do not know what were the overall critics for this year, but I was extremely disappointed.

However, there are a couple of artefacts that I did like:


My First Taste Of Death by Laurie Hill        

A story full of innocent and very childish vision of death, however, this combination makes the movie extremely touching. The effect created on top of the drawing captivated me.

I was completely immersed in this Alive illustration book.

 “My First Taste Of Death” Laurie Hil

“My First Taste Of Death” Laurie Hill


The Mouse (untitled) by Yohei Yashi

This mini installation was full of humour and ironic. The mouse smoking next to the rubbish ready to light it up. Thumbs up for this one….Attracted by the simplicity. We actually did not realised at first the mouse was playing the movie star at the back of the TV. Very illusion. 

 The Mouse

The Mouse