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Project Research- Softwares


I will need a Software to process the data collected by the microcontroller or the web cam, and consequently to control the animation.

I look into this few softwares to check if there were suitable for my needs.



Isadora is a graphic programming environment that provides interactive control over digital media, with special emphasis on the real-time manipulation of digital video. In my project this could quite easily trigger and control a video (animation).

However this one would be more adequate for a sound installation with graphic manipulation.


Quartz Composer

This free visual tool makes some sophisticated video and 3D possible without coding…. Waow…It is free and comes with the Mac OS disc in the tool developer section.

This is The Tool for VJing and to create some reactive/interactive animation with a web cam.  As I am not to keen on using a web cam, I am afraid I would not have a go on it this year…Snifffff




Free and easy to use.

I could easily create a sketch together with tracking motion triggering and controlling an animation. I really recommend this tool for project with Web cam, unfortunately it is PC only……..


Usman Haque

This artist is in fact a architect who does focus is research on interaction, connectivity, contextual awareness. These kind of technologies modify our understanding of space and change the way we relate to each other. He does not think of architecture as static and irreversible entity; instead he sees it as dynamic, responsive and conversant.

Two years ago I had the chance to see one of the project he worked on with Robert Davis:


 Evolving Sonic Environment

The installation is based t the collective behaviors of the devices, being affected by the way that the room is occupied (by people or other mobile objects) and, consequently the room will develop a “awareness” of its occupancy.

The devices work like neurons, cascading during high activity, altering their verges during periods of low activity and becoming. Inputs and outputs consist of high frequency sound near the threshold of human hearing. When they have received sufficient input energy they themselves “implose”, with a continuous sound of varying frequency.

When the visitor enter in this space, it can feel slightly dizzy because of the high frequency. I personally did not feel anything, but some schoolmate felt slightly strange……….

Evolving Sonic Environement

I found this paper on The Hague website, which I think could be very interesting for some of us, who has the aim to create an interactive installation.

This paper describes the results of a collaborative research project to develop a suite of low-tech sensors that might be useful for artists working with interactive Environments.


Music for Bodies – Sonic Bed

Last year we were had a trip to the see an exhibition with the sonic bed. Well, well the bed was not there anymore…L

Music for Bodies is a research project involving the sonic mapping of human bodies to architecture, through studies of bio-resonance and interface building. Its aim is to discover new methods of experimental music making, and make a new kind music more accessible to a wider community. The research is mainly based on feeling the music rather than just listening it to. 


Music for Bodies




During the workshop we have been introduce to some sound environment installation.

Within the realm of public art, the sound installation can be a musical equivalent of a sculpture, or and can be part of a sculpture.. Some sound installations have gained by applying a variety of electroacoustic techniques and technology in their creation and spatial arrangement. 


In this installation the visitors lie down and relax, watching the firmament above them. Using their finger pointed upwards, the visitor can insert new stars into orbit with distinctive visual and musical characteristics.

The sound will be determined by the  emplacement chosen on the orbit, Bigger you let the star grows louder it plays.


 “The orbiter is an interactive sound environment by Vera-Maria Glahn and Marcus Wendt. It invites you to reach for the stars and play their music!”

The installation is based on custom-built software , performing real-time analysis of a camera image of the player as well as generating 6-channel-audio and video signals. The video analysis is coded in C++, instructing SuperCollider for the audio generation, Processing for the graphics.

The synthesized sound used in this installation has a very heavy 70’s influences. Quite psychedelic in a way……





The other night I had this idea of hijacking an old painting and created an interaction around it. I especially thought about Mona Lisa, well-known illusion of her eyes following you. My first idea was to use a couple of motors attached to some plastic eyes controlled through a microcontroller such as the Arduino. Some sensors, ultrasonic, could trigger the motors for example.

So I did some research on the subject, try to found out if it has been done and how?


IBOX By Brian Legg, Ben Gemborys and others


The Ibox is an interactive artwork, which uses sound, light and touch to translate and communicate the relationship between the sensitivity of human eye to a robotic one.

This robotic eye placed in a wooden box uses two servomotors, a relay and microcontroller I believe. The eyes is reacting and interacting with the viewers, light and sound.  Here we are facing robotic art, but could we really called it art? Heum….a big part of me is tempted to say no, the other part is accepting the piece as art with a big But….but after all who cares, I do not think we should.


 (copy and paste the link)

“Behind The Apple”


This installation was made around the painting “The Listening Room” by the surrealist René Magritte. Viewers moving toward the apple made it shrink. When the visitors come close enough a picture is taken and shown in a frame on the wall behind the apple (in the painting itself). The use of old Artwork for an installation is a great idea. I like the playfulness around it.


In similar way I am really thinking of using Mona Lisa, I know you might found it very kitsch but that is why I found it interesting. If you look at my portfolio (next Page) you will see illustrations of what I have in mind. In a way it relate to pop art, highly visual, rich syntheses of Pop culture (the Rolling Stone). It does remind me as well, the late 90’s with the explosion of net art using similar concept.


How this could be done?

Ultrasonic range finder + flash

This video found in Youtube is maybe the solutio, or at least a way to realize this project. Ultrasonic range finder is used to detect distance of object form it and data is processed in flash. This application seems quite smooth, nevertheless I am not convince that Ultrasonic sensor is the solution.




Bloomberg Newcontempories2007

Today we went to see the Bloomberg Newcontemporaries2007 exhibition.  Well known to introduce young and emerging artists to a national audience and provides the participants to develop a professional opportunity into the future. It was hard to believe that all of those piece has been chosen by artist , writers and critics. I do not know what were the overall critics for this year, but I was extremely disappointed.

However, there are a couple of artefacts that I did like:


My First Taste Of Death by Laurie Hill        

A story full of innocent and very childish vision of death, however, this combination makes the movie extremely touching. The effect created on top of the drawing captivated me.

I was completely immersed in this Alive illustration book.

 “My First Taste Of Death” Laurie Hil

“My First Taste Of Death” Laurie Hill


The Mouse (untitled) by Yohei Yashi

This mini installation was full of humour and ironic. The mouse smoking next to the rubbish ready to light it up. Thumbs up for this one….Attracted by the simplicity. We actually did not realised at first the mouse was playing the movie star at the back of the TV. Very illusion. 

 The Mouse

The Mouse


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