How to define Fluxus? It is quite hard, because the Fluxus movement seemed to be non-committal and full of divergences. This was caused, I believe, on the one hand by the lack of logical coherence, and on the other by all participating artists using their own definitions.

This movement was famous to display critical attitude towards technology and tried to find alternative solutions to existing social and artistic situations, even so it was not considered a political organization. The inspiration was part Dadaist, part Bauhaus and partly Zen (simplicity of some pieces, objects and performances were characterized minimalist).

Now I found Ironic to discover, that lot of video art was made by artist from that that movement which was known anti-technology, and indeed decide to use TV as a Medium, which at that time was a big new thing.

 “Disappearing Music for Face”




“Disappearing Music for Face”by Mieko Shiomi.

When I had this idea of using the Led Matrix as a display, it is exactly the kind of film strip Simplicity, minimalism, with an incredible power.



“New Media in Art” Michael Rush

edition  Thames & Hudson