Group Work

We only have one week left. The teacher do not see anything happening, consequently he basically give a big wake up shake, which was needed but not really welcome. Not welcome because unfortunately, the only group member’s present were the one who try to do something, and that felt slightly unfair, even if it was for the better.  However we managed to create 2 stages during the workshop, but I confess I did wanted to leave the class. Most of the classmate arrived late and kept asking me what were we doing? I do believe that was not my day.

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Group work

We all (few of us) met up on the Monday, and try to make something instead of arguing, or talking about what we could do. Here again, we spend hours talking without any constructive outcome. Most of the group left, thinking we would not get anywhere, and even some just decided to give up. However, three of us stayed, and miraculously start to generate and create some real work. Hurrah, the RGB patch was created. We experimented with some flashy light to see if the effect would be appropriate for our group project and, here again that was a success.  It was quite a release to leave the workshop with something real created, but the time is flying away…and I feel that it is going to be very hard to finish the assignment on time with the group.

 (see portfolio for development)

Group Work

After the workshop, we tried to have constructive meeting with the group to share researches and ideas. We found the concept of chain reaction in a way difficult. Some ideas have been suggested, but our restricted knowledge refrain us. I suggested the creation of a blog, in which everybody will be able to get access and participate actively. The main purpose of the blog is to share easily ideas and thoughts for the assignment.

Sound and visual was a common area for our group work. So I did some research and found some funny and interesting project with Arduino made by Todbot.

Because our presentation is on Halloween, I thought we could add a little scary touch. To do so, I believe this tutorial of glowing eyes, would be ideal to finish the chain reaction group Project




Group Work

We have been asked to create a chain reaction project as a group. I have to confess I am not that enthusiastic about the idea, I do find in the university environment quiet unsuitable for that kind of assignment.  Every times I had a group assignment I faced very distinctive individual. Inside a group we always end up with

·     A bossy

·     A lazy

·     A moody (who generally stress everybody, but does not participate)

·      Finally, it is very hard to have a “moderator”. 

I know, I should not generalised, but it happen all the time and unfortunately or notI am one of them: The bossy one, I will take quickly leadership….