DIY Tengu on a breadboard

What is Tengu? A little cutie little Led Matrix.

It is a small little smilly face made of LED who reacts to music. I found it very appealing indeed. And here is the link to the tutorial.




Arduino with Led Matrix controlled by a video cam

If I go ahead with a LED Matrix project connected with a video cam, this tutorial is idle and will help to develop nicely the artefact.



Make a pocket Led Cube

Right now I do not plan to create an project based on Led cube or 3D Led display, but in a near future  that would be interesting and valuable to look into it.



Another very detailed Leds Cube tutorial by Lomont






Group Work

After the workshop, we tried to have constructive meeting with the group to share researches and ideas. We found the concept of chain reaction in a way difficult. Some ideas have been suggested, but our restricted knowledge refrain us. I suggested the creation of a blog, in which everybody will be able to get access and participate actively. The main purpose of the blog is to share easily ideas and thoughts for the assignment.


Sound and visual was a common area for our group work. So I did some research and found some funny and interesting project with Arduino made by Todbot.

Because our presentation is on Halloween, I thought we could add a little scary touch. To do so, I believe this tutorial of glowing eyes, would be ideal to finish the chain reaction group Project






Physical Computing

I found this French website, which give a very good and clear overview of what are the multimedia tools out there, and what we can do with them. (I suppose you have to translate the page)



Our Tutor is very keen on the Arduino Microcontroller, first of course is a very affordable little one, but the real advantage is the numbers of tutorial, open source code available on line is ..Huge.

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