Erwin Redl

Of course I cannot omit to mention this artist Erwin Redl, especially with the Matrix Series. Each version consist of a different large-scale demonstration of the typical grid structure. The LED components used in those pieces became the idle medium to convert the lingo of virtual reality and 3-D computer modeling into an sensual architectural installations. The way his work has been presented, participating by simply being ‘present’ seems to be, or even is an integral part of the installations.


 “Matrix II”


 Matrix VII   


It looks like being inside a virtual world, but I am wondering what the viewer can feel or think at that precise moment. This would be quite interesting to know, unfortunately I could not found any information..




“Starlight” by James Clar.


In the same kind of vision I found this artefact “Starlight”.

This interactive lightning designer and installation artist merges technology and art to create new visual systems. In this particular piece some motors are attached to the each LED grids, causing the LED stars to wiggle and shake and generating a trails light effect.  The spectator is viewing a sky full of shooting stars. Well some nice light effects.

 “Starlight” by James Clar

ut this group of artist have a big range of artefacts using light such as 3D LED cube etc….. It is worthy to shake that site…for some ideas….


jim Campbell

San Francisco-based artist Jim Campbell is widely known to be one of the most extraordinary and important artists working with new media. His installations have pioneered new ways of showing images, from LED screens to touch-sensitive computers. He uses digital media in the service of profound humanism.

I just found a new piece from him of the Internet, this new work consists of a grid of 192 white LED’s that blink on and off in a pattern that creates a moving image. 192 Led (use as pixel) contain such a low resolution that in theory we should not be able to understand the images we see at all. However our brain is filling in the gaps of the missing information and produces meaning. Campbell is interested in how or why we understand the things we understand.

My project idea was quiet similar to that, with obviously a different meaning. I definitely like his work.

 “Reconstruction #4” by Jim Campbell

“Reconstruction #4”

More info and works of the artist on            \



How to define Fluxus? It is quite hard, because the Fluxus movement seemed to be non-committal and full of divergences. This was caused, I believe, on the one hand by the lack of logical coherence, and on the other by all participating artists using their own definitions.

This movement was famous to display critical attitude towards technology and tried to find alternative solutions to existing social and artistic situations, even so it was not considered a political organization. The inspiration was part Dadaist, part Bauhaus and partly Zen (simplicity of some pieces, objects and performances were characterized minimalist).

Now I found Ironic to discover, that lot of video art was made by artist from that that movement which was known anti-technology, and indeed decide to use TV as a Medium, which at that time was a big new thing.

 “Disappearing Music for Face”




“Disappearing Music for Face”by Mieko Shiomi.

When I had this idea of using the Led Matrix as a display, it is exactly the kind of film strip Simplicity, minimalism, with an incredible power.



“New Media in Art” Michael Rush

edition  Thames & Hudson 


Timeless Universe by Paul Friedlander

Mixing Mythology, Science and Art. 

This installation is made of 15 Kinetic pieces, illuminated by video projectors that are showing images generated by three computers. These videos are real-time animation, modified by the subject matter.

 “Timeless Universe”<p> by Paul Friedlander

When you look at the project’s gallery, you see another world…a dream world, full of striking light and the most amazing thing is, you could see it for real, it is no an illusion…

. but a great visual entertainment.

I have to say, that I have a big interest on video installation, especially when sculptures are used to create a real 3D effect. And this one is a pure wonder for my eyes and imagination


Few month ago I did a project mixing 2d, 3d projected partly on a real sculpture. I enjoyed the all experience and experimentation. The result looked better than what I thought it would. It is defenetly a field I will experiment further in a futur

 “Le Voyage”

“Le Voyage” by Sandrine Labat

“Le Voyage” by Sandrine Labat

 The next step would be to add an interaction to this kind of Video Installation


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