Group Work

We only have one week left. The teacher do not see anything happening, consequently he basically give a big wake up shake, which was needed but not really welcome. Not welcome because unfortunately, the only group member’s present were the one who try to do something, and that felt slightly unfair, even if it was for the better.  However we managed to create 2 stages during the workshop, but I confess I did wanted to leave the class. Most of the classmate arrived late and kept asking me what were we doing? I do believe that was not my day.

(See Portfolio for development) 


My Project – MONA LISA

We had to introduce our ideas about the next individual project.

The audience has chosen my “Mona Lisa” project, Humour and simplicity won the challenge.

Simplicity, The art of complexity


 MONA LISA- You’ve been watched


 mONA LISA- Pfffuuuu!


I do like the thought of having this very serious Madam reacting un-promptly to the visitor. 


How to realise this little attraction?

·     Should I use a Web-cam with Isadora or even quartz Composer? 

·     Or Should I use the combination of a sensor + Microcontroller + a processing software to handle the images?

·    Which Sensor? Ultrasound, IR or even step sensor?

·    Which microcontroller? Arduino, Phiget?

·    Which software? Quartz Composer, Flash?


It does fell like a Chinese puzzle…


Group Work

Here we go the D Day has arrived and we have to present our beautiful Group Project: ”Image of Gravity”.

It did not start well, we had few problems with the hand-made button, but after a huge amount of persistence, Halleluiah…It worked. That was a big relief.

I do not think our project was challenging technically speaking, however, on the other hand our group was very challenging…Fortunately some of us were determine to achieve something by the deadline…. Thank you guys!!!!!!

I should not forget the important part about Learning and discovering the magic Eyesweb.

(See Portofolio for more details) 


The other night I had this idea of hijacking an old painting and created an interaction around it. I especially thought about Mona Lisa, well-known illusion of her eyes following you. My first idea was to use a couple of motors attached to some plastic eyes controlled through a microcontroller such as the Arduino. Some sensors, ultrasonic, could trigger the motors for example.

So I did some research on the subject, try to found out if it has been done and how?


IBOX By Brian Legg, Ben Gemborys and others


The Ibox is an interactive artwork, which uses sound, light and touch to translate and communicate the relationship between the sensitivity of human eye to a robotic one.

This robotic eye placed in a wooden box uses two servomotors, a relay and microcontroller I believe. The eyes is reacting and interacting with the viewers, light and sound.  Here we are facing robotic art, but could we really called it art? Heum….a big part of me is tempted to say no, the other part is accepting the piece as art with a big But….but after all who cares, I do not think we should.


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“Behind The Apple”


This installation was made around the painting “The Listening Room” by the surrealist René Magritte. Viewers moving toward the apple made it shrink. When the visitors come close enough a picture is taken and shown in a frame on the wall behind the apple (in the painting itself). The use of old Artwork for an installation is a great idea. I like the playfulness around it.


In similar way I am really thinking of using Mona Lisa, I know you might found it very kitsch but that is why I found it interesting. If you look at my portfolio (next Page) you will see illustrations of what I have in mind. In a way it relate to pop art, highly visual, rich syntheses of Pop culture (the Rolling Stone). It does remind me as well, the late 90’s with the explosion of net art using similar concept.


How this could be done?

Ultrasonic range finder + flash

This video found in Youtube is maybe the solutio, or at least a way to realize this project. Ultrasonic range finder is used to detect distance of object form it and data is processed in flash. This application seems quite smooth, nevertheless I am not convince that Ultrasonic sensor is the solution.




Bloomberg Newcontempories2007

Today we went to see the Bloomberg Newcontemporaries2007 exhibition.  Well known to introduce young and emerging artists to a national audience and provides the participants to develop a professional opportunity into the future. It was hard to believe that all of those piece has been chosen by artist , writers and critics. I do not know what were the overall critics for this year, but I was extremely disappointed.

However, there are a couple of artefacts that I did like:


My First Taste Of Death by Laurie Hill        

A story full of innocent and very childish vision of death, however, this combination makes the movie extremely touching. The effect created on top of the drawing captivated me.

I was completely immersed in this Alive illustration book.

 “My First Taste Of Death” Laurie Hil

“My First Taste Of Death” Laurie Hill


The Mouse (untitled) by Yohei Yashi

This mini installation was full of humour and ironic. The mouse smoking next to the rubbish ready to light it up. Thumbs up for this one….Attracted by the simplicity. We actually did not realised at first the mouse was playing the movie star at the back of the TV. Very illusion. 

 The Mouse

The Mouse


Group work

We all (few of us) met up on the Monday, and try to make something instead of arguing, or talking about what we could do. Here again, we spend hours talking without any constructive outcome. Most of the group left, thinking we would not get anywhere, and even some just decided to give up. However, three of us stayed, and miraculously start to generate and create some real work. Hurrah, the RGB patch was created. We experimented with some flashy light to see if the effect would be appropriate for our group project and, here again that was a success.  It was quite a release to leave the workshop with something real created, but the time is flying away…and I feel that it is going to be very hard to finish the assignment on time with the group.

 (see portfolio for development)

Inspiration LED

I had to discover that Youtube has an impressive amount of video about Led matrix project and Arduino.

One of the first video I came across was:

Input/output led matrix

One panel is used as an input such as a touch screen, and the other Matrix recreate the data. At that stage I would not call it Art, but this idea could be devolved in something a bit more…. wild


Multi-touch Sensing through LED Matrix Displays

Using Led Matrix as a sensor is a very interesting idea., here again I found a lot of projects on Youtube, but this one kept my attention. I am not really sure about how it works, but the effect o the monitor is pretty cool. Mixing light and 3D graphic….I am sure we could use `Processing to create the graphic, but wondering what has been use to turn the Led Matrix to a touch sensor???? Investigation needed…anyone out there knows?



This one is pretty cool, and that could be fantastic if we could implement this idea in our group project. The random light on the Led matrix would make a very nice effect with the RGB patch. Nevertheless in this example the Matrix is responding to the input through processing, so if we try that we will need to adapt the code for our need.

Processing code and Arduino are available on the following website×8/?p=35


 3D Borg

Led cube, or 3D cube seems amazingly popular in YouTube, however my favourite and most impressive one is the Borg3D color. This project is a 3-dimensional cube consisting of 5x5x5 RGB LEDs and it is obviously controlled by a microcontroller…But is it Art? I will say no as the author was mainy driven by technology, but the visual is real delight for my eyes.


Simulation can be downloaded on this site


Led Cube

Here another very interesting project using Led cube as a 3D display. Unfortunately there is not much detail about how it has done and what is really the final result, but the concept in a way simple  and on the other hand fantastic. Another example of simplicity but I am sure very complicated to archive.